The Garda Lake

Born from an immense glacier, Lake Garda seems to be making its way north between the steep walls that lead to the Alps whilst to the south it becomes large and bright, surrounded by moraine hills that separate it from the Po valley.

This is also why, for centuries it has enjoyed a prime location at the crossroads of waterways which, most importantly, leads from Trentino to the Adriatic through the Mincio and Po. Therefore, it was a junction for routes and cargo, soldiers and pilgrims who followed long Roman routes like the Via Gallica that went from Milan to Verona through Peschiera, or the Via Claudia Augusta that connected the plain with the Reschen pass and from there over the Alps.

Vines, lemons and citrus trees have always grown along Lake Garda thanks to its warm and ventilated climate which is always sought by the people of the North who here, just over the Alps, still find a taste of the Mediterrenean nowadays.

Lake Garda offers its guests a nearly inexhaustible range of opportunities: sports, art, food and wine have all been mastered and the rest is for you to discover…

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Il Vittoriale

The Vittoriale, a majestic estate of great beauty situated on the hill of Gardone Riviera, is a true citadel built by Gabriele d’Annunzio. Inside you will find the Prioria (the house of the poet), the War Museum, the Auditorium, the SVA 10 aeroplane that d’Annunzio flew over Vienna, the cruiser Puglia, the Museo di Bordo, the restored MAS 96 boat, the Mausoleum and antique cars (IsottaFraschini and Fiat Type 4), all in a setting of parks and gardens of historical and environmental importance.
The Prioria, converted and furnished by Gabriele d’Annunzio himself, is a rare example of a character and an era: the original furniture and the collections of precious objects reflect the personality and the “inimitable life” of the poet.

Gardaland Park

Gardaland Park is Italy’s #1 amusement park, the longest running theme park in our country and one of the largest in Europe.
In 2005, the prestigious American magazine Forbes ranked Gardaland Park as the fifth best amusement park in the world!

Perched on the south-east of Lake Garda, the amusement park is divided into themed areas that attract, through careful and detailed dramatic reconstruction, the world of history and geography and of space and imagination. The great variety of attractions and shows are able to satisfy a wide audience: from toddlers to adolescents to those in their old age, from groups of teenagers to families.